Coton de tulear

Coton de la Silesie (FCI)

Welcome everyone to our shaggy world! We invite you to familiarize yourself with our little breeding of remarkable dogs- coton de tulear. Our kennel is registered in ZKWP/FCI.

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Our story

Why Coton de la Silesie (FCI) is a unique breeding

Some years ago, we were looking for a small dog of a rare breed that doesn’t lose hair and then we have come across cotons. To be honest, we haven’t seen any representatives of this breed until we bought our first coton. We were convinced that these dogs are so ‘shaggy’ only at dogshows, not in every day life. The reality was different- cotons are always so shaggy and sweet.

The world of dogshows grabbed our attention after the success of our first coton- “TINO Białe Bursztynki” (at home Bafi). We were searching for a bitch suitable to start our breeding off and thanks to Karolina we have this beauty at home- “FORSYTHIE The Sweetest Coton”- her parents are the most titled dogs of this breed in Poland, father- the winner of the world 2013 and mother- vice- winner of the world 2013!

In our kennel we have some rules: our puppies must be health, good socialized and all puppies with “Coton de la Silesie” name must be a wonderful representative of the breed.

Our dogs are present in our daily life and perfectly influence our daughter, who hugs them all the time. The dogs love playing with her and sneaking her meals. Their schedule is adjusted to our child- they sleep and play at the same time. It can be said that they are antidepressant dogs- at least our sweeties.

Coton de tulear

Our Cotons

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our little breeding of remarkable dogs – coton de tulear.

Coton de la Silesie (FCI)

Few useful informations

What kind of puppies do we sell?

We are selling only puppies with pedigree!

Is it a good dog for babies?

It is a remarkable friend for both, older peoples and babies - patient, gentle, and at the same time tireless in playing. But he couldn't be good as a little children comrade - like most of the little dogs, he don't like not delicate treatment. However, once he gets used to the baby's presence at home, he becomes his best friend.


How to handle Coton?

Puppies require gentle but firm upbringing. Despite their small size, dogs of this breed have quite a strong character, so they should not be allowed to do everything. They will quickly take advantage of the caregiver's weakness or indecision and start ruling the house.

Do we have puppies for a sale?

All available information about puppies for sale, you can find on our webpage. We are encourage to contact with us, where we can talk about all details over the phone +48 501-274-384 or e-mail [email protected]